So I came across this little piece of brilliance today and thought I’d share it with you:

What a simple, fantastic and clever way to show how sentence structure can alter the way a person feels when reading! 

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the content of your writing (which of course is super important too!) but how easy it may be to forget the importance of how that content is formatted!

Sing for me writing! Sing!

9 thoughts on “This Sentence Has Five Words

  1. I’ve seen this many times before, but I always love to read it again. And it’s something that I like to focus on when I’m editing/proofreading/beta-reading someone else’s work. Varying sentence structure helps writing to flow and become, like you said, musical. Some modern writing likes to use the unvaried sentence structure style, but I abhor that. And I can’t get through a book when the writing is so choppy and the sentences the same.

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