Today I’ve been working on the third book (Turning Tide) in my upcoming fantasy series: The Rise of Isaac. I’m up to 34,937 words! (I do love aiming for a round number it’s so satisfying so I’ll be adding those 63 words promptly!) 

I got to wondering about whether one day I’ll have readers who are as passionate about this story as I am. I remembered a time when I was starting out writing where I had no faith in my words and doubted myself constantly! It felt like this…

And, oh yes!, I still get these moments! But I’ve learned to have confidence in my work because, if you don’t, no one else will. 

So write like no one is reading and pour your heart into every word no matter how much doubt tries to poke at you! Poke it right back (in the eye!)

Good ol’ Erica Jong!

2 thoughts on “Writing Book Three: Turning Tide 

  1. Yes, I have these moments all the time. Far too frequently for how long I’ve been writing. But I’ve learned the benefit of pride, or at least a little confidence in my writing. However, I still find myself comparing to other authors. Which really isn’t fair to me. Or them.


    1. Yeah I think it’s hard to have confidence when you are the only one loving your book and, of course, friends and family give incredible feedback but not until a stranger tells me they loved it will I truly believe it!

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