Cover Reveal for Creeping Shadow

The moment has arrived!

I’m extremely excited and proud to present to you the cover for Creeping Shadow (Book One in The Rise of Isaac Series)

For those of you who don’t know…
The Rise of Isaac is a five part series following the story of Oliver Knight on his quest through the seven worlds to save his sister from a lethal curse.

Book One, Creeping Shadow Synopsis:
Sixteen year old Oliver Knight discovers the existence of six other worlds after his adopted sister, May, falls ill to a lethal curse. The curse links her to the famous animageti-Gateway terrorist, Isaac Rimori, who murdered Oliver’s father in cold blood to gain access to the seventh world.

The only way to save May is by travelling to the next world, but entering each one requires the completion of a challenge and time is running out…

Coming to Amazon Kindle in December 2015

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      1. My pleasure! Did you design it yourself or did you hire a graphic designer? I received my degree in Graphic Design however it is not my favorite thing to do. I will most likely be contacting one of my old classmates and asking them if they would consider doing me up some cover art.

      2. I actually designed it myself! Oh that’s great that you have that experience thought. If you wanted to do it I’m sure you could 🙂

      3. You did a great job! I am very impressed. I often wonder if my view of my story would be too narrow to create a good cover for my stories, but then maybe I am being too hard on myself. After all, the cover can be changed.

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