Everyone sees the world differently and I think it’s so important to be understanding of other people’s opinions. Even if someone completely disagrees on, say, your favourite book it’s hard not be annoyed when it’s something you are passionate about. But, as Cinderella says:

Everyone is looking for different things in books and even two people who love the same book may love it for completely different reasons! But if we all loved and hated the same things equally the world would be a very boring place indeed…

6 thoughts on “A True Quote

  1. This is why I like reading other people’s reviews of books (after I’ve read the book, of course) – it can be quite eye-opening to see the different ways in which a book was read/interpreted.
    Must be interesting for the author too. I recently wrote a short story centred around a conversation between two people, but I never explicitly said what the relationship between them was. I showed it to a number of friends, and there were quite a few different interpretations.

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    1. Yes me too! I also do that I love seeing what other people thought as soon as I’ve finished it myself. I’ve also recently been experiencing the author end of things reading reviews of my own book and it is fascinating! I love it!

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  2. I completely agree with this! Different aspects of a book will resonate and be interpreted in different ways depending on our experiences, beliefs, emotions, personalities. Every individual will draw different meanings from what they read.

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  3. You’re so right! This world is so unique and lively because we are all individuals with our own thought processes, opinions and values! How boring this world would be if we all thought the same way and loved the same things!

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