Hi, I’m Caroline!
And me and my sister Susanne co-author all kinds of dark romance books together.

Who am I?

I’m an English girl with a love for chocolate and the gym to cancel out my chocolate addiction. It’s a vicious circle but who wouldn’t do anything for chocolate? Especially chocolate raisins mmm….I’ve gotten distracted. So what else is vaguely interesting about me?

Well, I have a squishy black Labrador rescue dog called Sirius – yup, after THE Sirius Black. He’s a total coward and jumps at his own shadow, but that’s okay because he came to England on a truck all the way from Romania so he’s forgiven. He likes to wake me up by dive-bombing me in the morning and we play zoomies around my room when I eventually roll out of bed. In a dream world I’m a morning person, but in reality I snooze every alarm and roll up to my parents’ house to work sometimes around nine. That’s cool though, Susanne’s up at the buttcrack of dawn so I’m just balancing us out by being a sleepy bitch. Someone’s gotta do it, right?

When I’m not writing – which is alllllll the time as I am sliiiiightly obsessed with it – I like to head off on trips to far-away places and have real life adventures. So far, I’ve camped my way across America from L.A. to New York along Route 66, sky-dived (SO good especially when you’re on the lap of a super hot guy) and bungee jumped in Thailand (note to self: do NOT bungee jump again and definitely don’t pay for someone to record you nearly pissing yourself while you head up a crane to do it), I’ve trekked a part of the Great Wall of China, lived in the beautiful rainforest in Costa Rica for six months and travelled around Australia from beaches to the outback.

Life has been crazy since me and my sister teamed up to co-author books and I have to say the hugest, most massive of thank yous to all the readers of our books plus our amazing mum and dad who have supported us and cheered us on through the highs and lows. It’s been one helluva journey and I have so much love to everyone who has given our books a chance!

How did i begin writing?

Many moons again back in 2014 I had the idea to write a book. Funnily enough, so did Susanne! We both self-published separately through Amazon and waited for fame to come knocking. Oh, but then I sold like two books so that idea quickly went to shit. But theeeeen after several years of learning how to market books and writing a bunch more books, I finally started to sell some – yay!

Flash forward to Christmas 2019 and Susanne and I decided to team up and write a series of books together. We’ve never looked back. Best. Decision. Ever. We throw ideas off each other, have so much fun making each other laugh with the most ridiculous scenes we can come up with or make each other cry with the heartfelt scenes too. Every book we write is a combination of crazy conversations and long hours spent planning out every detail. I’m so lucky to have her and it’s amazing to be able to share my love of writing with my bestie and big sis.

Be sure to go and check out her socials @SusanneValenti and if you wanna hang out with us we’re always in our reader group on Facebook here sharing book updates, having fun chats, answering your burning questions and hosting giveaways. See you there!

Contact ME with any questions you like!