The Harlequin Crew series is a Dark Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance with gangs, second chance romance and enemies to lovers themes. This series is set in our United States of Anarchy universe meaning there are some crossovers with characters between the different series, though they can each be read independently.

Prequel novella Devil’s Pass (Also available on Audible)

Book 1 Sinners’ Playground (Also available on Audible)

Book 2 Dead Man’s Isle  (also available on Audible)

Book 3 Carnival Hill

Book 4 Paradise Lagoon

Book 5 Gallows Bridge

Dead girls don’t feel pain.

But they like the taste of vengeance.

Maybe that’s why I came back to my hometown. Because it sure as hell wasn’t for the surf. But what else was I supposed to do when I found myself in Sunset Cove with twenty bucks to my name, the key to my enemies’ secrets hanging around my neck and a mouth full of grave dirt that wouldn’t wash clean?

I hate the Harlequin boys.

But this is the perfect opportunity to take what they owe me. Because once upon a time, they broke my heart, stole my life and sent me away from everything I’d ever known.

Fox, JJ, Chase and Maverick.

The four names tattooed onto my heart more permanently than any of the ink on my skin. They don’t just live in this town anymore, they rule it. And the view here may be beautiful, but the sun, sea and sand hide dark secrets.

The gangs.
The lies.
The violence.

It all lurks beneath a veil so thin that once you’ve seen through it, you can never close your eyes to the truth again.

But I don’t plan on closing my eyes. I have four devils set in my sights. And this dead girl no longer has anything to lose.

This is an enemies to lovers contemporary series where the girl will end up with multiple love interests and all of the characters are in their late twenties. Trigger warning: this series features gangs, violence, dark romance and jealous/possessive themes.

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