Supernatural Beasts and Bullies is a Dark Bully M/F Paranormal Romance series which follows Twins Tory and Darcy Vega who find out they’re Fae and have to learn to harness their power while trying to defend their throne from the four Heirs who want to claim it in their place.

✨This series is set in Solaria 5 years after the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac books and 5 years before the Supernatural Prison for Dark Fae books. Each series can be read alone and there are no spoilers for any of the books across the series, but there is some character crossover and hints and clues to the other books if you keep an eye out for them ✨

Book 1 – The Awakening

Book 2 – Ruthless Fae

Book 3 – The Reckoning

Book 4 – Shadow princess

Book 5 – Cursed Fates

Book 6 – Fated Throne

Book 7 – (coming soon)

And don’t forget to get your hands on the novellas set in this series too.

Book 0.5 – Origins of an Academy Bully

Book 5.5 – The Big A.S.S. Party

What happens to the students who anger the cold-blooded Dragon Shifter, vicious Vampire, black-hearted Werewolf and cruel Siren who run this school? 

They pay in blood.

But what’s that got to do with me?

A helluva a lot more than I’d like…

I just discovered I’m a Fae with unspeakable power, an heir to an entire kingdom, and a threat to those four ruthless supernaturals who are also in line to rule this world. 

And I’m a twin. So she’s damned to the same fate too.

They want to hurt us.

They want to break us.

And they’ll stop at nothing to make us bow at their feet.

My Gemini sign meant little to me until now, but the stars rule this world. They define my Elemental magic, determine my nature and twist my will.

But I’ve never bought into daily horoscopes, so I’m not gonna start now.

I’ll determine my own fate. And I’m here for one thing and one thing alone: the inheritance my royal parents left in their wake.

There’s just one catch…

We have to graduate before it’s given to us. So until then, the heirs won’t stop fighting to get rid of us. And I have the awful feeling they don’t just want us gone, they want us dead.


This is a full-length medium burn supernatural academy novel that is the first in a university-age academy series. Expect forbidden teacher romance and bully romance at this paranormal academy with a hot and heart-pounding story suitable for upper YA/NA readers and onwards.

Readers who love high school bully romance will LOVE this academy series! Plus Harry Potter fans searching for an adult magic school will be enthralled by this Academy.