V Games is an upper YA Paranormal Romance series split into three seasons. The first three books follow Selena and Varick as they fight to survive the V Games and can be read as a completed trilogy. The second three books follow on to Cass and Jameson’s story and can also be read as a completed trilogy. Hunter Trials follows Mercy’s story and is the only book currently available in this season.

✨Season one✨

Book 1: V Games

Book 2: Fresh from the Grave

Book 3: Dead Before Dawn

✨Season two✨

Book 4: Wolf Games

Book 5: Island of Shade

Book 6: Severed Fates

Season three

Book 7: Hunter Trials

Book 8: (coming soon)

I thought being sent to prison was bad, but that was before I was kidnapped by a vampire.

Maybe I deserve this – I’m a killer after all. But being hunted daily by those bloodthirsty creeps is downright inhumane.

It’s hard to trust the other girls because they’ve all done terrible things. But our crimes don’t matter here. We’re judged by one thing alone…

Our ability to survive.

It’s how they place their bets.

And then there’s him. Varick Cartright. The terrifying vampire who brought me here. 

I’d be blind if I didn’t notice how beautiful he is. But he’s my captor and there’s no chance in hell I’ll let him slip past my defences.

Sometimes…in the dead of night, I sense him watching me. And a feeling deep in my bones makes me wonder if he wants to save me from this terrible fate.

Maybe the vampires aren’t our enemies after all. Maybe it’s them. The ones who watch.

But there’s a reason I’m still standing in this game.

I’m a survivor, not a killer.

And they’re about to find out what the difference is.

This is a medium burn romance suitable for UPPER YA readers with violence and non-graphic love scenes.