Friday 13th Vampire Book Sale


It’s Friday 13th! Stay safe indoors with your latest vampire fix this weekend…

I’ve teamed up with some of the BEST paranormal romance authors out there to bring you a HUGE book sale (July 13th -15th) !

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If you’re getting excited about the upcoming Wolf Games series, featuring Jameson and Cass, then you don’t have long to wait! Wolf Games is going through the final stages of editing and will soon be released! I’m hoping to have it out before the end of July so keep an eye out for my release warning email soon!


I’ve been busy filming a brand new WEB SERIES! Two episodes are already live on YouTube, answering questions I’ve been asked by my fans. Episode 1 talks about why I chose to write about vampires and werewolves and Episode 2 discusses how I get my inspiration and ideas for both characters and storylines.

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And if you have any question you’d like me to answer in upcoming episodes, feel free to ask!

The war begins…Weeping Sky (T.R.O.I, #4) Out Now!

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There’s more to fear in Theald than Oliver ever expected. Plunged into the fifth world of caged cities and ferocious creatures, Oliver and his friends are taken to the army base where plans are being laid to thwart the enemy. But when blood is shed by Rimori and his band of followers, the war is kick-started and Oliver is thrown right into the heart of it.
Bound by a deal with the High Mage, Oliver finds himself in more danger than ever as he becomes tangled in an extravagant plan that will not only put his life on the line, but that of his loved ones too…

How far will Oliver go to keep his sister safe? And how many people will have to die in the process…?

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New Covers for my Fantasy YA Series – what do you think?


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Creeping Shadow is book 1 of 5 in the thrilling fantasy series: The Rise of Isaac.

Sixteen year old Oliver Knight is forced to question everything when his mother mysteriously disappears and he’s sent to live with his peculiar and secretive grandfather. But when Oliver’s sister falls ill to a deadly curse, the truth is revealed and his life is changed forever. There are other worlds, each locked by near-impossible challenges that will push the contestants to their limits. In order to save his sister, Oliver must face his fears and take on the journey of a lifetime.

But with the past haunting his every move, a sinister enemy on the rise, and danger awaiting him at every turn, will Oliver be able to beat all the odds and rescue his sister in time?

Turning Tide (The Rise of Isaac, Book 3)

Turning Tide Coverr

Book three of The Rise of Isaac is now available!!

Desperately fleeing the icy world of Glacio, Oliver Knight races into the sweltering heat of Brinatin. With May in dire trouble, two of his companions mysteriously missing, and the insurmountable task of reaching a mage who hasn’t been seen for nearly ten years, Oliver has to rise above his fears and battle on.
In this heart-pounding sequel to Bleeding Snow, the time has come to face the past but can Oliver handle the truth he’s faced with? With more than just his own life at stake, he must act fast to outwit his enemies, take on a formidable challenge, and fight tooth and nail to save those he loves…

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Mass Super Sale 93 Authors going FREE!

Mark your calenders! Cancel all appointments! And tell the world!!!!!

On the 2nd and 3rd of April 93 Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors (including myself!) are going free for a mass promotion!

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So spread the word and make sure to check in on either the 2nd or 3rd of April so you don’t miss out on this amazing chance to get your hands on a load of FREE and amazing  books!





Creeping Shadow FREE on Amazon – A YA Fantasy

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The Rise of Isaac Series

Book One: Creeping Shadow (4.6 star average on Amazon)

imageA man waits in Vale, a world void of humanity.
A mother vanishes, her disappearance concealed by the police.
A girl collapses, black magic invading her blood.
And a boy linked to them all must fight to save his family.

Earth is just one of seven worlds. Gateways divide the realms and those who pass through must earn keys, participating in challenges that will separate the fearful from the brave, the weak from the strong, and the witless from the cunning.

Sixteen year old Oliver Knight knows nothing of the other worlds or his family’s dark past. But when his adopted sister succumbs to a deadly curse the truth is revealed and he is plunged into an unknown land in a desperate bid to save her. However, a sinister enemy is on the rise and the danger they face at every turn throws those around them under suspicion. In order to survive, Oliver must figure out who to trust, who to believe and, ultimately, who to fear…

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Cover Reveal for Falling Fire (Parts 1 & 2)

Coming soon…

Falling Fire: Part One and Two (The Rise of Isaac Series Short Story)

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In the world of Aleva mages are revered. The most powerful and beautiful live as A-class celebrities. But due to their dwindling population they must be paired into arranged marriages to produce magical children.

On the night of Quinn Thorn’s sixteenth birthday she is forced to accept the hand of the most famous mage in the seven worlds: her closest friend and heartthrob, Rogan Ganderfield.

Having never so much as kissed behind closed doors, they are expected to live together as they start their new lives at university. But without ever having the chance to choose each other, they soon come up with a risky idea to explore their true feelings. Striking an illegal deal between them, Quinn and Rogan long to discover what their hearts truly desire by both allowing a single kiss outside of their engagement. But with the ever-watching eyes of the public and confusing feelings growing between them, their plan soon gets out of control as jealousy, rebellion and lust cloud their judgement…

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Bleeding Snow (The Rise of Isaac, Book 2) ARCs! – For YA Fantasy Lovers


Bleeding Snow is now ready for review!

If you’ve read Book 1, Creeping Shadow, or if you’d like to start the series then email me at to get your free copy of Book 2 in exchange for an honest review!

Check out Creeping Shadow on Amazon here to see reviews, ratings and more:

Here’s the cover and blurb for Bleeding Snow:

Oliver Knight continues his journey through the seven worlds in this thrilling sequel to Creeping Shadow. A brutal land of snow and ice awaits him beyond the Gateway as well as a powerful Queen and her ferocious armed guard. Dealing with the recent revelations about his family and the impending threat of the curse, Oliver must find a way to fight on. With everything at stake, he must risk it all once more as he is faced with a perilous task, a bloodthirsty enemy and a furious race against time to get to Brinatin…

A Sneaky Quote From Bleeding Snow

I’m working my butt off to get Bleeding Snow (The Rise of Isaac, Book Two) ready for release! It’s in the final stages of editing and I plan to have it out by the end of the month!

(If you haven’t read the first book, Creeping Shadow, you can check it out here on Amazon 😆)

In the meantime….here’s a little quote to wet your appetite…