Turning Tide (The Rise of Isaac, Book 3)

Turning Tide Coverr

Book three of The Rise of Isaac is now available!!

Desperately fleeing the icy world of Glacio, Oliver Knight races into the sweltering heat of Brinatin. With May in dire trouble, two of his companions mysteriously missing, and the insurmountable task of reaching a mage who hasn’t been seen for nearly ten years, Oliver has to rise above his fears and battle on.
In this heart-pounding sequel to Bleeding Snow, the time has come to face the past but can Oliver handle the truth he’s faced with? With more than just his own life at stake, he must act fast to outwit his enemies, take on a formidable challenge, and fight tooth and nail to save those he loves…

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The Rise of Isaac Series

Book One: Creeping Shadow (4.6 star average on Amazon)

imageA man waits in Vale, a world void of humanity.
A mother vanishes, her disappearance concealed by the police.
A girl collapses, black magic invading her blood.
And a boy linked to them all must fight to save his family.

Earth is just one of seven worlds. Gateways divide the realms and those who pass through must earn keys, participating in challenges that will separate the fearful from the brave, the weak from the strong, and the witless from the cunning.

Sixteen year old Oliver Knight knows nothing of the other worlds or his family’s dark past. But when his adopted sister succumbs to a deadly curse the truth is revealed and he is plunged into an unknown land in a desperate bid to save her. However, a sinister enemy is on the rise and the danger they face at every turn throws those around them under suspicion. In order to survive, Oliver must figure out who to trust, who to believe and, ultimately, who to fear…

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