Friday Fictioneers – Mo

Great post from The Reclining Gentleman. Check it out and give the FriFic a go!

Here’s mine:

“Ella run!” I say through gritted teeth, pushing her roughly.
She stumbles towards the fence, bracing herself on it with her palm. She turns back and I can see determination burning in her eyes.
“Jake, no. I’m not leaving you,” she says, clutching my shoulder to steady me.
My leg dangles in the dry grass, bent out awkwardly at the ankle. Blood stains the hem of my trousers.
I wince as I try to move it. “You can make it. Hide behind the silo before they see you. I’ll lead them away.”
A high-pitched, moaning cry cuts through the still air.
“They’ve caught our scent!” Ella hisses.
“Go. Now!”

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