Okay so I’m not actually cat woman but I would come pretty darn close in a ‘who’s the most like cat woman in the real world’ competition. I mean, seriously, I’d at least get a runner up prize!

I work in a boarding cattery which is the family business. I literally live in ‘lol cat’ land. Do you know how many times a day I see a cat do something weird? Hundreds.

Cats really are weird! Look how weird this one is who’s staying in the cattery at the moment:

I mean, look at that foot!

Cats are no-nonsense, egotisitical, fussy, fickle little beings! And why do they get away with it? Because they’re so damn cute!

Okay cats aren’t to everyones taste and there does seem to be the two extremes of despising cats or simply loving them so much that all you do all day is watch videos of cats falling over or sleeping upside down or saving children from dogs (bet you’ve seen that one!)

So here is a glimpse into my cat filled world:


Here’s the cattery. Their houses are painted different colours to look like beach huts!
I also work with a rescue group and take the homeless kitties to their new homes. It’s so rewarding! I love seeing how the cats grow in confidence with us and get especially attached to those who have been truly neglected or abused. 

I spend a lot of time helping these cats trust humans again until they are ready to meet someone who wants to offer them a home. It’s truly touching to then recieve photos of the cats in their new lives, often lazing in the sunshine or curled up on their new owners lap who loves them unconditionally, just as they were meant to be loved…


All this mummy can hope is that her kittens will be loved as much as she loves them
Witnessing the two extremes of human nature, unconditional love verses an abusive nature, how can this not influence my writing?

Thanks for reading! I hope you learnt a little bit more about my life outside of writing!

6 thoughts on “Cat Woman by Day, Writer by Every Other Available Moment

  1. What a fascinating job! Family business? Your parents got you into this? I have a dog, but I’ve shared time with cats in the past. They sure are a lot easier to board than dogs!


    1. Thanks Jacqui! Yes I’ve grown up around the business and so have many years of experience with it now!
      Cats are definately easier than dogs haha much more laid back creatures. But I do love dogs as well they’re so loyal and loving πŸ™‚


  2. I love cats so enjoyed this very much. Sadly I don’t own a cat at the moment as my husband is allergic. I used to have cats in the past and I’d love to own one again one day but as I say the husband ain’t keen! I do have a visiting cat that pops into my garden from time to time so that’s nice and I have friends who have cats too. So I get my cat fix when I see them. πŸ™‚

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