Thank you so much to Timothy who has featured me on his blog after I won a competition he held entitled ‘What inspires your writing?’
Please take a moment to check out his brilliant blog which is so popular that I can only ever dream to achieve his amazingness one day!

What Inspires Your Writing?

If Caroline Peckham were a character in her own young adult fantasy stories, she might just steal the show. This talented author is vibrant, active, and also very funny. Case in point: she asserts that her hometown, “the most quaint, quintessentially English town you could ever imagine” (Kent, known as the Garden of England), should instead be known as the “Puddle of England” for all the rain it gets. She’s already released the first in a five-part fantasy series, Creeping Shadow, to Wattpad, with a Kindle release planned for the near future.

Adventurous to the core, Caroline has also done her fair share of traveling. She’s been back and forth (trekking the Great Wall of China and riding an elephant in Thailand), up (taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon), down (skydiving and scuba diving), and all around (from Las Vegas to New York, and apparently, everything in…

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