Happy Halloween!! Here’s to Goosebumps and R.L Stine…

Firstly, I just wanted to say that the cover photo for this post is possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen haha!

But moving swiftly on…

In honour of the scariest day of the year I thought I’d talk about Goosebumps and the new movie (starring Jack Black) that will be out early next year…


I LOVED Goosebumps as a kid. I used to have all the books which I read repeatedly so the spines were completely destroyed!

I also watched the TV show after school and to this day I can still remember the opening credits vividly!

R.L Stine is an inspiration to anyone who writes children’s books. He had a way of making his stories the perfect amount of frightening which brought this fascination to the reader who just had to read the next story and the next and the next.

The main character in the movie (played by Jack Black) is R.L Stine which I think is fantastic! The premise is that the scary creatures from his books start appearing in his own life and he has to face the demons he has created! It looks brilliant and I think Jack Black is the perfect choice to make this film a mixture of fun and frightening.

So here’s my question to you…which Goosebumps book scared you most?

For me it was this one…


To this day dummies still freak me out!

Have a spoooooooky day!

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  1. I went nutso for Goosebumps books as a kid! I can’t remember which one scared me the most, so I went on Wikipedia to search the title list to see if one popped out, and can I just say that “The Blob That Ate Everyone” is the best title of any book, ever.

  2. I loved these too. They’ve really held up well, too. My kids all went through them too.

    As a kid, Slappy freaked me out a bit but it was the Werewolf of Fever Swamp that put spooky into my dreams.

    1. That’s so cool that your kids read them now too! I have kept so many books from my childhood and hope that if I have kids one day I will read them to them 🙂

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