I’ve been Nominated for the 777 Challenge (Yay!)

Thank you to Marjma for nominating me! 

Her blog is fantastic you should check it out. Click here to visit her page.

The idea of the 777 challenge is to share a snippet from a WIP (Work in progress) then nominate others to do the same! 

Here are the rules:

– Go to page 7 of your WIP (Or an older work that you have done and just love.)

– Scroll down to line 7

– Share the next 7 sentences in a blog post.

– After the excerpt tag 7 other writers to continue the challenge.

BUT I’ve recently shared the seventh page within the prologue to my fantasy YA novel Creeping Shadow so I’ve decided to share line 7 of the seventh page counting from chapter one (I hope that’s not breaking the rules too much! – try calling 777 if you’d like to complain hehe)

So here’s my excerpt:

 “Should we go in?” May asked, peeking under his arm.

 Oliver nodded and crept into the room. He brushed his fingers across a box on the bed and found a layer of dust deposited on it. A tingle ran up his spine as he got the distinct feeling that the room was somehow sacred, left untouched for years. He pushed his fingers under the lip of the closed box and lifted it slowly. The cardboard resisted, unmoving. He frowned and tugged at it harder but the box wouldn’t open.

And here’s my nominations:

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2) Isabellesudron http://sudrobelle.wordpress.com/

3) Rachelloon http://racheliliffe.wordpress.com/

4) C.S Wilde http://www.cswilde.wordpress.com/

5) Jacobemet http://jacobemet.wordpress.com/

6) Rlsharp http://rlsharpe.wordpress.com/

7) Dileepsankhla https://dileepsankhla.wordpress.com

Getting Published is like Volunteering for the Hunger Games

Okay MAYBE I mean this more metaphorically than physically but, think of it this way:  you’re competing against a whole hoarde of other amazing writers, all of whom are at least equally good as you are and each of them have specific skill sets that are going to help them in the publishing world (just like the contestants of the hunger games! – but their skill sets lie mainly in killing people…)

So you have to go all Katniss first of all. Publish your book? Holy crap! This is gonna be scary but…..you’ll have to volunteer to do it or you’ll never get anywhere…

Then you have to submit to Literary Agents. They have so many submissions to get through so what’s gonna make yours stand out?  And how do you do that? The same way you win the hunger games of course!


So you carefully phrase your query letter trying to sound confident, friendly, competant, and super likeable and you click send…It’s done. It’s too late to back out. It’s all left to fate now…


Your mum goes all Cinna…

And you go all Katniss…

You don’t hear back from an agent for literally weeks! If only they’d say something ANYTHING!

And then you get a response! They liked your work (yay!) they think you have potential (double yay!) but they’re unable to offer you representation at this time…your intial response is to go a bit Cato…

But you pull yourself together and remember that, one way or another, you will be published! Whether it be traditionally or self-published you’ll get your novel out there because you love to write! And that’s what really matters after all….
So the moral of this twisted hunger games/publishing tale is to persevere and never give up hope! 

Because Katniss Everdeen wouldn’t have won the hunger games if she had and you won’t get published if you do!

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour…

A Case of Writer’s Eye

Writing is something I’ve always dabbled with but it wasn’t until my early twenties that I really put pen to paper and finished my first novel. But what I never anticipated was how this would ultimately change my reading experience forever! 

After the dreaded rewrite of my first novel (which was written so terribly that it needed countless go-throughs to get it right!) I learnt so much in the way of editing (in thanks part to my proof reader friends including one in the publishing business) that I caught what I now call ‘Writer’s Eye’.

Writer’s Eye is the way you look at a piece of writing. A reader, who may never have considered the work behind the words sees the story glowing off of the pages, letting themself be fully immersed and absorbed. 

A writer, however, sees the words, the grammar, the spelling, the way they might alter a sentence or add some description. 

And the mistakes! 


Would you believe how many mistakes I’ve spotted in books since I started writing? Only tiny, small meaningless things like missing words and punctuation. But I also find these things in my own novels! After ten, twenty even thirty re-reads I still find tiny errors! 

Our minds are on autocorrect!  – even when I’ve had several friends read my books their minds have also corrected the mistakes! 

Don’t get me wrong writer’s eye doesn’t ruin books for me it’s more that I now see the words on the page as well as the beautiful story they weave together. And that is, afterall, what books are for. 

How about you? Have you caught Writer’s Eye!?