Is Writing Addictive? (I ask as I’m writing away like a crazed maniac…)

As I begin writing this I’m literally starving.  But before breakfast I wanted to get this blog post up because it’s been whizzing around my mind before I went to sleep last night and in the few seconds after I woke up today (okay I had a lie-in don’t judge me!) 

So yes, I am obsessed with writing. I know this because (clearly) it comes before food and is therefore now at least as essential in my list of things to do today. (Alright I wouldn’t die if I stopped writing but….my soul might? Too far? Probably…) 

Before I started writing my book series I’d never found anything to write that I was so obsessed about. This, I think (and hope), is a good thing. At least in terms of drive and determination. I will do anything it takes to finish this series and get it out to the world! Because there’s a burning need inside me to do so. 

Call it what you will; an obsession, a calling, the onset of some sort of psychotic episode…but whatever it may be, I just can’t ignore it!

Today is one of the first days that the UK has had warm weather in literally months. And I’ve got a couple of days off (lucky me!) but you know what I’m doing? Sitting in my flat writing, and I intend to do so all day long. To be fair I live in a top floor flat with a large sash window to my left and the sun is shining through so I’m technically sunbathing right? (RIGHT?)

Writing is addictive in its many forms. I only started a blog a few weeks ago and now I find myself thinking about what to blog and am constantly checking in on what my fellow bloggers are writing! 

Anyway – I admit it, I’m a writing addict. There! I said it! 

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  1. it goes in bursts for me. If i’m not careful i go from all to nothing and back again. The challenge is pushing through and still writing when the compulsion has dried up.
    Good luck with finishing your series!

    1. Yeah I definately have better days than others! I’m usually thinking about writing if I’m not doing it haha
      Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  2. Enjoy this burst in creativity, Caroline– right now, I’d give an arm and a leg for one. But I write everyday, regardless of whether I feel like it or not: I guess that’s because it is now my job as well as calling.

  3. I’m pretty addicted to writing but blogging is also addictive, so there’s a bit of a battle going on. I’m certainly not addicted to cleaning and tidying up, writing wins all the time.

    1. Haha yeah I’m definately becoming a blog addict myself too! I know I’m the same! Sometimes I have plans to clean but….writing just gets in the way oh well hehe

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