25 thoughts on “Fun 30 Second Challenge!

  1. “J. S. Mill’s essay on the subjection of women established a correlation between the degree of civilization of a people and the social position of its women.” From ‘Introducing Feminism; A Graphic Guide’ which I just got for my teen daughter. A little heavier th an my usual reading but true nonetheless!

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  2. “Some wretched men were found in the possession of certain powders and (whether justly or unjustly, God knows) were accused of poisoning the wells–with the result that anxious men now refuse to drink water from wells.” (from a letter penned by Louis Heyligen of Beeringen as part of a collection on ‘The Black Death’ by Rosemary Horrox)

    Huh. Maybe I shouldn’t have poisoned all those wells after all…

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