Cover Reveal! The Rise of Isaac, Book Two – Bleeding Snow –


Here’s the cover for Bleeding Snow!

CS boook cover Final

Let me know what you think πŸ™‚

And as an extra treat here’s the blurb…

Oliver Knight continues his journey through the seven worlds in this thrilling sequel to Creeping Shadow. A brutal land of snow and ice awaits him beyond the Gateway as well as a powerful Queen and her ferocious armed guard. Dealing with the recent revelations about his family and the impending threat of the curse, Oliver must find a way to fight on. With everything at stake, he must risk it all once more as he is faced with a perilous task, a bloodthirsty enemy and a furious race against time to get to Brinatin…


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wazzup! Hey Caroline, how goes it? So this is your second installment huh? What was the name of the first again? I’d like to download a sample on my device. Thanks


      1. Thanks. I’ll download shortly. I’ve joined a 100 book reading challenge for the new year and have over 130 books on my list! It won’t hurt to have one more. Take care and happy writing!


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