So I thought I’d do a post on the ups and downs of a writer’s journey – but then I thought! How about relate that to another epic journey! And what’s more epic than The Lord of the Rings?

So here goes…

One day a little voice in your head nags at you telling you to write a book. You love reading! Challenge accepted!

You don’t know the way just yet…but it can’t be that hard right?


Then you come up with that idea (you know the one that possesses your very soul!?) and you just can’t stop thinking about it! You can’t share it with anyone yet though because it’s just too special…

Then you start writing. It’s all going pretty smoothly. You had the start thought out already anyway! This is easy!

And then you hit a block. You can’t pass it. It seems insurmountable! The words just won’t come!

You spend hours, days, weeks even! Thinking about how to move on! You doubt yourself! You just can’t see a way forward, but then…

You finish your first draft and are pretty damn smug with yourself but then you start reading through it…

The rewriting begins! It’s a long process (you didn’t realise how long!). You can’t organise your thoughts, the project seems too large to ever complete!


But somehow you make it! You finish the novel! Now all that’s left is to ask a friend to read it. They finish it and tell you it’s great, they loved it! But how can you trust them? They would say that, wouldn’t they? They don’t wanna hurt your feelings…


But then you look through your novel one more time and…it’s alright! It reads well! You love the characters! It’s the story you fell in love with in the beginning! 

You made it!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Good luck with your writing – and remember if a hobbit can destroy the one ring…you can definately write a book worth reading


11 thoughts on “The Writer’s Journey (Lord of the Rings Style)

  1. Nothing quite like that first read through of that first draft you thought was so sexy! It feels just like looking at a picture of your younger self, back when you thought you were cool. Same general thought process, too, “Should I burn this, just to e sure no one sees it? I should probably burn it.”

    Then you get to work.


    1. Haha I love that comparison Connor! It’s so true but at least we can change our writing…we can’t take back that bowl haircut (that’s right!)


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