I’ve been asked to do a blog post on this to provide a little advice on how to get followers for your blog (I’m very flattered don’t you know!)

So here goes!

I think there are five main really important strategies to help gain interest in your blog and you need to be doing all of them to stand a real chance of getting lots of followers:

1) Engaging with the Blogging Community 

One of the best ways to gain interest in your blog is to be interested in other blogs! Search through blogs that are tagged with subjects that you’re interested in and which you personally blog about yourself. One of my personal favourites is the YA tag. It’s a broad subject and there are loads of blog posts relevant to me! So spend time following other blogs, as well as liking and commenting on them to start conversations with your fellow bloggers. The more time you spend looking at other blog posts and engaging with them, the more you’ll see people taking the time to look at your own blog!

2) Writing Interesting Blog Posts 

It seems obvious but your blog posts have to be a great read otherwise why would anyone read it? (I mean, would you spend your time reading about watching paint dry? Maybe you would……maybe that’s what you’re into!)

Spend time thinking up things you could blog about but also use techniques such as lists, bullet points and pictures to grab people’s attention.

3) Tagging Your Posts Correctly 

Don’t tag every word you can think of that might vaguely relate to your blog. Be specific and tag only appropriate words. A good rule is to never tag more than ten words then you will be reaching a more specific demographic of people who will want to read your posts in the future.

4) Blogging Regularly 

You don’t need to blog every day but you should aim to write one or two a week minimum to keep interest in your blog. Consistency is key!

5) Having Fun 

Enjoy blogging! Have fun with your posts – experiment and see what works! I’ve found some of my quirkier posts to gain a lot of interest so I try to use that style regularly because I know they work. 
Tip – don’t link your blog website when you comment on other people’s post. If you’re truly interested in what they have to say then comment honestly on their writing and they may decide to look at your blog and follow you back. If not, don’t sweat it! There’s plenty more bloggers in the blogging sea!

24 thoughts on “How to Gain Interest in Your Blog

  1. Well I think that a newbie blogger should always try to implement the above 4 points and yes, then the 5th one will automatically come alive ( Isn’t it a cup of fun and the enthusiasm when your blogs begin to gain the interests!). Thanks for this post. I’m also a newbie and it helped. Can you tell me what is that ‘reblog’ feature within the wordpress?

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    1. Definately! No problem I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂
      If you press reblog on someone else’s post it will then post on your own blog. Kind of like sharing on facebook

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  2. I feel like I do this (except I was out of commission on blogging for a while) and I still don’t have that many followers. The followers I do have I love, so I’m not complaining too much. But after over a year of blogging, I really thought I’d have more followers by now. *shrugs* I’m stumped.

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    1. Well I love your posts so I don’t know why! Ive also recently connected my WP to Twitter (which I am literally only just learning how to use haha) only ten years too late) but it’s actually a great tool because everytime you blog a tweet goes out linking back to your WP – you might already do this anyway (and if you do I will now find you on there hehe)


  3. Interesting blog Caroline. Like your comments about tags. These are really really important as they are treated like keywords by search engines. Get your tags right and you can get your blog onto page 1 of Google for chosen words! How do I know this? I have done it already! Basically choose 10 keywords that browsers might use to find your blog or writing. The great thing about WordPress is the edit facility so you can change and update your tags as often as you want. It can be surprising how some blogs get more attention than others. My most popular blog title is..So who or what influenced Shakespeare to write? I get many hits on that blog most everyday and from all around the world. I presume it’s being found by students with an assignment. This brings me to another point. To get noticed you need a “killer” title. These are also ripped out by search engines. Dont be bashful, don’t be shy, make your blog title stand out. Ok enough wittering, I have some more historical research to do………just one more point, you can instantly post your blog not just on Twitter but also Facebook and LinkedIn plus other sites. I would say a Facebook page and posting is a must.

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    1. Hi Mike!
      I’m so glad you liked my post 🙂 you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Do you update your tags regularly then and check out what gets your site more traffic?
      Ah yes your Shakespeare post sounds really catchy (might have to check it out). For me this is by far my most popular blog post and I can imagine it’s something people might google I’ll defo consider it in future


      1. Hi Caroline, yes I have tweaked blog tags and will do so again. I use my blog to showcase, support and publicise my writing and my e-books. I write true Crime books based in Victorian times. I particularly wanted to get my first book Savilles Spinney to number 1 rank on page 1 of Google for the title. I did it by altering tags in blogs about my book so I know it works. Of course the web is dynamic so if you don’t keep on at it you cannot hope to stay at number 1. It does help to have an understanding of how search engines work. I think your advice of using 10 tags is good. You must not try key word jamming ie too many words and don’t repeat words. Something you can do though is include the odd word with a slight spelling mistake as its possible some browsers will use a different spelling. Anyway happy blogging, you have a good blog post here!


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