Thank you all for following!!!!

I always aim to follow everyone back who follows me because I love you all! (And if I haven’t yet I will find you….and I will follow you…)

I’ve loved joining the blogging world more than I ever anticipated! I appreciate all the support so much and love finding new bloggers every day who adore writing and reading as much as I do. 

Thanks again to each and every one of you. To show my appreciation here’s a two hundred word story (one word for each of you!) enjoy!

The Three Of Us (The title doesn’t count towards the two hundred words! So there!)

There are three of us inside four grey walls. That’s the first thing I know is true. The second is that I am the only girl.

“Where are we?” one of the men speaks. His voice is deep, his eyes dark.

With a whirring, grinding noise the walls begin to move. Not just move, but close in.

The second man runs, no sprints, to press his hands firmly against a wall. He pushes hard and I know this because I see the veins in the muscles of his arms, pulsing and straining against the pressure. 

“Help me!” he shouts desperately to us. He’s blonde and blue-eyed with a complexion that speaks of long hours spent in the sun.

A wall presses into my back and I stumble forward, bumping into the man with the dark eyes. I see panic in those eyes, then fear, and finally acceptance. He has accepted his death. That scares me more than the closing walls. 

We are pressed into a space so small that we are forced together into a triangle.

And all I can think is that there are three of us inside these four grey walls. And I am the only girl. 

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