Was that chills running down your spine or are you reading this in a cold shower? Either way! I’m super super SUPER excited to be publishing the prologue of Creeping Shadow (Book One of The Rise of Isaac series)


The best bit of all is that YOU guys are getting it first! (I promise!) 

In the next TWENTY FOUR HOURS I will be publishing the prologue of Creeping Shadow here at wordpress before anywhere else! Because I love you all and you’ve stuck there right with me from the beginning of my blogging life (#blife) and hopefully along my journey to becoming a published author (eek!)

I’m literally about to pee my pants with excitement right now – I’m sorry for the mental image but I just can’t help it!

So for those of you who are interested….

Creeping Shadow is the first book in my upcoming five part fantasy YA series The Rise of Isaac.


After sixteen year old Oliver Knight discovers the existence of six other worlds, his adopted sister is struck ill by a lethal curse. The curse links her to the fanatical terrorist, Isaac Rimori, who murdered Oliver’s father in cold blood ten years ago. Now, Rimori is plotting to wage a war that will change the face of the seven worlds using the monstrous creatures that live in Vale to aid him. 

On his quest to save his sister, Oliver and his friends must compete in near-impossible challenges to gain access to the Gateways that are the portals to the other worlds. But with time running out, devastating secrets unfolding, and Rimori thwarting them at every turn does Oliver Knight have what it takes to save his sister?

5 thoughts on “Coming soon (as in the next 24 hours soon!)…Creeping Shadow Prologue!

    1. Yay I’m so happy that you enjoyed it! It will be out on kindle this December but I will soon be publishing chapters on Wattpad in the meantime if you’re interested in reading more 🙂

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