14 thoughts on “A quote for you!

  1. Oh, if only it were that simple! There have been so many beautiful mornings, when I’m on my way to work, when I think “Wouldn’t this be a great day to skip work, find a nice spot outside, and just read all day?”

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  2. Then there’s the horror of realising that when you do have time to read, there’s soooo many books left on your reading list and it takes forever to decide on one :’) I’ve followed, I’m a writer myself, and if you have the time I’d love for you to check out my small blog. Atm its mainly short stories and a bit of poetry, but I’m working on a novel (Prologue is on my blog). Feel free to check it out on http://www.kasimskorner.wordpress.com , keep blogging and have a good day 🙂


    1. Haha yeah I know that feeling! I have a longggg list of books waiting to be read and half of them are the first in a series! Yes I’ll definitely check out your blog 🙂 good luck with your writing!

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