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2016 has been an eventful year for me. Last Christmas I made the decision that I wanted my life to change…though I had no idea quite how I wanted that to happen…

Skip f13061919_10153438940167026_2323675717420956155_norward five months and a helluva a lot of umming and ahhing – I took a trip to Costa Rica to take a break and think about what I wanted next from life (not a bad place to do it, sitting on a Caribbean beach with a cocktail in hand!)

It wasn’t until two days before I came home, laying in a hammock beneath a swaying palm tree (slightly concerned about the coconuts which had been plummeting like missiles from the sky the previous day) and I had an epiphany. I didn’t want to go home.


Now I should mention I am by no means what you would call ‘misfortunate’ in the life I was leading back in the UK. But I had, for the past year or so, been looking for something more.13041449_10153438923462026_3936022307660066299_o

And I wasn’t sure just what that was until I lay under the Costa Rican sun in a hammock. Of course, life isn’t a holiday. I couldn’t stay abroad and I inevitably got on my British Airways flight home – but with a renewed sense of purpose. Because I had decided to make the move abroad- something I would scarcely have even considered the previous year but which suddenly made so much sense.


The year ticked by, I returned to my job, became an auntie to a beautiful baby girl and continued to write my fantasy series in the meantime. But the desire never went away. So I booked a ticket back to Costa Rica, enrolled in a TEFL course on the stunning pacific coast and in 20 days time I will be jetting back across the world to embark on a new adventure.

I’ll still be writing, the final instalment of The Rise of Isaac is well underway but I’ll also be focusing on blogging about my experiences as I risk it all and take a metaphorical leap of faith. I feel the weight of that risk very much at the moment- giving up my comfortable life, my steady income, my  gorgeous flat – but sometimes in life you’ve just got to risk it all for that gut feeling.


A True Quote


Everyone sees the world differently and I think it’s so important to be understanding of other people’s opinions. Even if someone completely disagrees on, say, your favourite book it’s hard not be annoyed when it’s something you are passionate about. But, as Cinderella says:

Everyone is looking for different things in books and even two people who love the same book may love it for completely different reasons! But if we all loved and hated the same things equally the world would be a very boring place indeed…

Day Two of the Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge!

Hey guys so it’s day two of the challenge and I realised I forgot to tag people in it yesterday to pass it on haha woops! So I’ll tag extra people today (aren’t you lucky! You’re just rubbing your hands together hopin’ I’m gonna nominate you – aww now I feel bad if I don’t…)

Today’s quote is from the late Robin Williams. I love it and think it says it all so I’m shutting up now and giving you the quote!


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I’ve been nominated for the 3 days, 3 quotes challenge!

Firstly I want to say a hugggeeeeee thank you to the Fiction Fairy for nominating me. You can check out her blog here ( It’s really worth it!!)

So without further ado I give you my Day One Quote:

I was going to quote Harry Potter but I thought hmmm you all know the best Harry P quotes so instead I chose a quote from Alan Rickman who plays Snape in the films (He is a legend!). And (for those of you who know the books well) this quote is absolute genius…



A quote for you!

“Today I’d like to sit and read,

Forget I have a job I need,

Ignore the things I have to do,

And just enjoy a book or two”

-Oscar Wilde
Don’t we all feel this way like….always?!

Inspirational Quotes Just for You!

I have a little pinterest board devoted to inspiration quotes for writing (isn’t pinterest the greatest?). 

Some days I just feel so hopeless about my work (I’ll never be published! No one will like my novels anyway! A slug could literally write better books! Why world why!? ) – these kinds of days are pretty damn depressing  

So I thought I’d start sharing some of my favourite quotes with you and hopefully they’ll inspie you as they have me…

Today I share with you three of my go-to quotes for those days when I’m holding a flaming lighter beneath my work and a little voice says “Hey you, do you really wanna burn three years worth of notes?”

And I scream, “YES! Burn suckeeeer!”

But they hold up their little paw (I imagine this friend as a furry little creature – and yes, I am crazy) and point me towards my quotes page on pinterests

So here they are (I’ll display them as a countdown to my favourite to build some tension…drum roll…):


Thank you Ben Franklin for this fantastic, simple piece of advice. I try to live my life this way. I wittle away the days writing frantically and then I plan adventurous holidays where I can strtech my own metaphorical wings and live life to the full and see incredible things. Life is worth living and experiencing and writing is there to turn these experiences into stories that might just resonate with others one day…

Beautiful, wonderful W.B Yeats really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to writing. A lot of his work was inspired by heartache and unrequited love – the poor guy! But what a gift he has given to us all by turning his pain into words and inspiring us to use our own personal experiences to make our writing more powerful. 

And finally…


Okay so this isn’t a quote about writing I apologise! And I also apologise for alienating the men from this quote but I have a personal attachment to this one. I visited the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis last year and spotted this quote on the way out emblazoned across all kinds of merchandise. I didn’t actually purchase anything because it was the end of my trip and I was tight for cash but I’ve regretted it ever since because that quote just stuck in my mind. 

After the emotional rollercoaster that is the museum (and I can’t recommend it highly enough if you ever get the opportunity to go) but as a woman this quote just hit home with me and reminds me every day of the struggles women have faced throughout history (and still do in many countries).  It’s shocking to think that, not even that long ago, women would have been looked down on for writing and authors like Mary Ann Evans (with well-known pen name George Eliot) wrote an essay entitled ‘Silly Novels by Lady Novelists’ to make sure her work was taken seriously (deep breath girls). 
Even J.K Rowling said that she abreviated her name on the cover of the Harry Potter books so boys wouldn’t be put off of reading it! I think JK put the end to that nonsense! But that was only, what, fifteen years ago?

So ladies write for all the women who couldn’t! And show the world what they were missing!
As always, thanks so much for reading! I always love hearing your feedback so even if the only thing that pops into your mind as you read this is ‘I really fancy tacos for dinner…mm yeahh with salsa, sour cream, guacamole. Oh, do I have guacamole? I’m sure I do…yeah definately’ pop it in the comments box!