I don’t know about you but there are a few relationships in books that never worked out the way I wanted them to. Maybe I just imagined the connections I saw or maybe they really existed but the author never followed them through – who knows?

Anyways here’s my top four. I’m gonna focus on super popular books so as to hopefully avoid ruining it for the masses. But there are spoilers (or anti-spoilers as the case may be!) I’ve highlighted the books I’m discussing in bold so you can skip some if you don’t wanna spoil anything!

From the Harry Potter series:

Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood – did anyone else get this vibe?! I felt these two were so well matched with Neville’s shy but quirky personality and Luna being….well…loony. I thought they had it made – But alas good ol’ JK paired them off with rando’s in her ten year later sum up at the end of Deathly Hallows. Oh well, perhaps she’ll write about Harry P again one day and they’ll get it on after failed marriages – a girl can dream!


From the Hunger Games (Warning – controversial opinion imminent)

Katniss and Gale – I know I know! Blasphemy! But I really thought he was the one for her. I know she spent the Hunger Games with Peeta but I liked the set up of her pretending to be in love with Peeta whilst Gale sat at home watching them on the tv and going off for a man cry! By the end I accepted her choice because of…ahem…circumstances that may have put her off Gale but up til then I was routing for Gatniss!


From Twilight (Don’t worry it’s not what you think!)

Jacob and Renesme – it was soooo set up for this like sequel-worthy set up (*cough cough* Stephanie Meyer) but if she assuming there won’t be a sequel I would have liked a little (maybe even cheesy) sum-up end chapter of her getting older and them getting married – ’cause, let’s face it, Jacob deserved a happy ending after all the “Oh no, Edward left me I’m gonna make you teach myself how to ride a motorbike so I can drive one into a tree 😭”  he put up with!


From A Game of Thrones:

Jon Snow and Danaerys – although these characters never ever met – like ever. I wanted it for these two! They could rule the world together. They’re both so beautiful – think of the children! But due to…ahem….circumstances… it looks like this one isn’t on the cards……….or is it 😏…..?

What characters would you like to have seen get it onnnnnnn????

19 thoughts on “Characters You Wanted to Get Together But Didn’t (Anti-Spoiler Alert!)

  1. Also, if you believe the fan speculation, Danaerys is actually Jon’s aunt. Though she’s a Targeryen so I guess that probably doesn’t matter as much as Jon’s current… situation. Me, I’ll never stop believing Roj Blake and Kerr Avon from ‘Blakes 7’ were meant to be; even after Avon killed Blake in cold blood due to a misunderstanding! In fact, especially after that! He ended up doing that to pretty much all his other love interests, after all. And then there was Julian Bashir and Elim Garak on DS9…

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    1. Ahh I see that could throw a spanner in the works for them anyway haha. I’ve not read those two but any unfulfilled love is hard to let go isn’t I! I will never forgive the The Dead for not letting Beth and Daryl get together….sigh!

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  2. Nothing against Gale, but I was team Peeta from the beginning. Mostly because, to me, Gale and Katniss are the same person in two bodies. They’re both so fiery and hot headed it never would have worked. This is one of those times that I do agree opposites can attract, since Peeta cools Katniss, and Katniss fires up Peeta.

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  3. Neville and Luna ended up together in my mind lol I loved the idea of them! I love how the movies kinda sorta implied with that scene. I thought it was cute.

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  4. I so ship Gale and Katniss!!!😍 I haven’t read Mockingjay–I refuse to read it–so I guess I’ll cry out my heartbreak when I watch the movie.

    Also, Jon Snow is mine and I ain’t sharing! 😑

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  5. I definitely agree about Neville and Luna! Although it was implied in the movie, J.K. Rowling has said that Luna married someone else. I guess it makes sense. I think Luna’s beliefs were a little too out there for someone as realistic and down-to-earth as Neville.


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